A Message from Pacifica, regarding Al-Jazeera News

WRFI is no longer playing Al-Jazeera News, and this is why:

To Pacifica Network listeners,

Thank you listening to Pacifica’s exclusive broadcasts of Al Jazeera English and for supporting your local community radio station. It is with great regret that we must report that Al Jazeera English is no longer available for distribution in the USA.

This happened because Current TV was sold to Al Jazeera and with this broadcast network here in the USA, they are creating “Al Jazeera America.” This is an entirely different organization, being currently built from former Current TV staff and new hires. All broadcasts of Al Jazeera English will cease in the USA on August 20th.

Pacifica has approached Al Jazeera America about being able to distribute their content for radio, the way we did with Al Jazeera English. However, they are not prepared at this time to discuss this possibility, partly because they are not fully organized and partly because they are working with stricter distribution procedures and are not sure if they will be able to make it available.

The afternoon Al Jazeera edited by Pacifica Radio ceased last month and as of August 20th the morning program will not be available.

As does your local community radio station, Pacifica is ceaselessly looking for ways to bring you excellent news and information. Thank you for listening.


As for WRFI, we are searching for suitable replacement programming for Al Jazeera. In the interim, we will bring fill the 6AM and 9AM slots with the best current affairs programming we currently offer. Check the schedule for details, as they emerge.


  1. Maura Stephens on August 22, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    Alas, nothing will ever “replace” this excellent show. We are all the poorer for the sale. Perhaps the English language (non-US) version would be made available to US stations? Anything we bereft listeners can do to pressure for that?

    Thanks for being such a great radio station, WRFI! I hope everyone in the community is catching on to what a treasure the station is, and supporting you as you continue to grow and evolve.