Call for Fall 2013 Local Programs

It is WRFI Schedule time!  Community members interested in having a program on WRFI must submit their Slot Preference and Working Group/Committee Selection forms by Sunday, August 25th at 5pm.  This applies to new local programs and hosts who have not yet been trained, as well as seasoned hosts and currently-scheduled local programs.  If you do not want to host a program this season, but wish to be available for fill-in’s, fill out the form anyway, and simply indicate that on the form.

*or try this page if you have trouble with these form links, right-click to save them to your desktop

Please leave completed forms in envelope posted to the studio door – our studio is at 103 W. Seneca Street, Suite 305 in Ithaca.  Programs will be announced on Monday, September 2, and the new fall schedule will begin on Monday, September 9 at 6am.

If you have questions, concerns, about your proposed program time slot, please address them on the form. There will be plenty of room on page two of the form. Last time we had a number of problems with people not completing the forms, and asking for changes after the deadline. Help us avoid this unnecessary waste of energy, by putting all of your thoughts and considerations on the form. If you are having any trouble at all, please contact Program Directors Jim Utz and/or Nicholas Hill, on or before Sunday August 25.