Update: Thanks to some end-of-drive contributions, our new Summer total is $9784, from some 94 donors.  We appreciate contributions from David Shmoys, Lee Adler & Kristin Stevens, Donald Barber, Erica Crytzer, Roger Beck who gave in memory of Fred Madeo, and others for this bump!

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this summer’s Quiet Drive! We raised $8700 from some 86 donors: Your shirt size preferences have been recorded and the shirts are being ordered.  Some of the wonderful quiet donors that we are pleased to thank here include (in no particular order):

  • Mark Stenzler
  • Ken & Jan Zeserson
  • Martha Ferger
  • David Mazzarella
  • Randi Beckmann
  • Hector Abruna
  • David & Barbara Holowka
  • Katie Quinn-Jacobs
  • Martin Hatch
  • Marjory Brooks
  • Roberta Wallitt
  • Sally Wessels & Robert Love
  • J’Nelle Cahoon
  • Theresa Alt, who gave in memory of Jean Finley and Kenny Ritter
  • William Burbank
  • Suzanne & Lynn McMannis
  • John Efroymson, who gave in honor of Matilda Runyan of “More Than The News”
  • Rachel Lampert, who gave in honor of Nicholas Hill
  • E. Wayles Browne
  • Thomas Hirasuna & Jean Hunter
  • Laurent & Cathy Saloff-Coste
  • Esther Racoosin & Eric Alani
  • Nancy & Rick Hoffmann
  • Bruce & Heather Lane
  • Katrina Rudmin & John Walsh
  • Curt Dunnam
  • Pam Gueldner
  • Tali & Nomi Fridman
  • Julia Morgan & Rod Lambert
  • Carol Bushberg Real Estate
  • Joshua Ganger & Jessica Brown
  • Judith Young, volunteer John Young’s mom who gave in honor of John’s birthday
  • Florence Clark, who gave in memory of Ruth May
  • Virgina Brooks, who gave in honor of our own Radio Days’ Dragnet
  • Barbara Chasin
  • Leigh Keeley
  • Carol & Fitz Thomas, who gave in honor of  Chantal Thomas
  • Rita Pitkin, who gave in honor of  Felix Teitelbaum
  • Sparks Electric Company
  • Caroline & Edward Cope
  • Chris Marx
  • Gail & Naoki Sakai, who gave in honor of Susan Harper
  • Corinne Stern

And let’s also take this opportunity to recognize other great donors like:

  • John & Susan Mead
  • Stephanie Steinhardt
  • Jeffrey Werner
  • James Byrnes
  • David Ethridge
  • Nancy Kleinrock
  • H. Katharine Hunter
  • Frank Baldwin
  • Mark Loehr and the Ithaca Catholic Worker Community, who gave in memory of Kenny Ritter
  • Tom Seeley
  • Andy Adelewitz
  • Marcia Skalnik, who gave in honor of The Forecast
  • Joy Hines
  • Michelle Bamberger & Robert Oswald
  • Rene Davis
  • Natasha Thompson
  • Gail Blake & Jennifer Dotson
  • Matthew Gagliano
  • Sharinne Sukhanarard, who gave in honor of Manic Brain
  • Erin Kerr
  • Susan Kaplan
  • Wylie Schwartz
  • Laura Branca, who gave in honor of the drone protestors
  • Anya Harris
  • John Reed
  • Roger Hecht
  • Devin & Meaghan Rosen
  • Sandra Wold, who gave in memory of Steve Calkins
  • Timothy Neal

1 Comment

  1. Mark Stenzler on August 20, 2014 at 11:02 am

    I also contributed 100 US$ to WRFI Community Radio.
    Please add my name to the list.

    Thanks very much.

    Mark Stenzler
    Host: Blues Zeppelin