Among the rolling the hills of Newfield sits the Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve.

Greensprings is a green–or natural–cemetery, which means they work to make sure a burial has as little negative environmental impact as possible.

But Greensprings is also a nature preserve–by burying people in select portions of their hundred acres, they’re working to ensure the land remains forever undisturbed.

Their motto pretty much says it all: save a tree…plant yourself.

Recently, Producer Samuel Whitehead drove up the partially-paved roads to Greensprings and met with Burial Coordinator Jennifer Johnson.

Here’s his look at what Greensprings–and the larger green burial movement–is all about:


Music by Chris Zabriskie, Podington Bear, Jared C. Balogh, BOPD, and Lee Rosevere.

This piece originally aired on the October 2nd, 2014 edition of WRFI Community Radio News.