Today’s the day – Cyber Drive is Live, and we’re pressing play on the brand new WRFI.ORG!


Felix and I stayed up past midnight, watching the site go live in cities all over the globe on a map. It was nerdy, but awesome.

Anyways, we’re sitting on a pile of draft pages – which means in the next few days, as we’re fundraising and having fun – we’re going to be releasing new content. I guess you’re going to have to check back to find out.

I’m honored.

Really. I’m honored that I got to work on this project. As a beginner in the web design industry, this is a big deal for me. I only just recently started working with clients – so taking on a larger organization was a challenge.

Felix though. Wow.

He really went above and beyond managerial duties and showed up for this. He sat through grueling hours of technical difficulties (btw, our schedule page was a feat!), but we made it happen.

Also, much love to my friend Liz Pickard who took many of the awesome photos of the WRFI studios.

And thanks to Naima Reddick who is an incredible illustrator. Wait for it… We’re going to be weaving more original illustrations into the site over the next few weeks.

Okay, well I think I said enough. Enjoy the new and please share it widely.