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We know our listeners value independent news, information, and music that they won’t hear anywhere else. And every day, WRFI delivers great content from around the world –and from around your hometown.

The times are, to say the least, uncertain. Large media outlets are more and more consolidated and less and less trusted. Funding for public broadcasting is increasingly threatened. Cultural diversity is under increased attack.

But the airwaves remain public property and WRFI remains your local, independent community media outlet.

Please show your support and make a tax-deductible donation to WRFI today.

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WRFI is 100% funded by local gifts and grants. Hundreds of people in the local community have stepped up to support WRFI. But we need your support too.

If you have been listening to WRFI for a long time, but haven’t yet decided to donate, this summer is the perfect time. For only $50 (or $4/month) new donors receive a WRFI t-shirt or tote-bag and join you friends and neighbors in being a part of making community radio that is more critical than ever. Follow instructions on the donation page to claim this special offer.

Together, we can meet the demands of the moment.

In fact, WRFI is already upping its game:

We’re excited to announce that, for the first time, the station’s volunteer news team is being led by a professional journalist. Recently arrived News Director Katelyn Harrop is an Ithaca College Journalism grad and former Park Center for Independent Media/WRFI News Intern. So, listen for vital developments to WRFI’s news service.

We have also hired a new Program Director, Michael Troutman, who will ensure that WRFI’s lineup remains as vital, fresh, and diverse as ever. Look for a new schedule soon!

In addition to staples like Democracy Now!, Rising Up with Sonali, and Letters and Politics, the station has been testing out new shows and adding programmers. New syndicated offerings include the Thom Hartmann Program and National Native News. New local programs include Locally Sourced Science, covering local scientific discovery; a series of specials documenting the Multicultural Resource Center’s community read of The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander; and new music shows like Monsoon Radio, Manifesto, and Eclectic Boogaloo.

At this critical juncture, WRFI is working harder than ever to provide you with news and cultural programming that matters. Now –more than ever– your help is essential.

Can you make a contribution to support WRFI today? Please set up a recurring donation or make a one-time donation online. Or you can mail us a check made out to Ithaca Community Radio to 103 W Seneca St #305, Ithaca, NY 14850.

As always, we invite you to come down to our studios located in Ithaca’s historic Clinton House. Take a tour, meet with our staff, and learn how you can get involved!

Contributors of $65 or more can receive a "thank you" gift. If you mail in your contribution please be sure to indicate tote bag, or t-shirt size (small, medium, large, extra large or extra extra large), or if you'd prefer not to receive a "thank you" gift.

If you give online, follow instructions in your confirmation email to claim your gift.