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Your Community, Your Radio: WRFI’s New June 2018 Schedule

Hear Ye: New Program Schedule Starts June 1, 2018

We are very pleased and excited to announce a new program schedule, which starts today, June 1, 2018.

The new schedule includes 7 new live, local programs and represents a major step toward fulfilling our mission to air local and underrepresented voices. Adding a two-hour block of live, local content from 12-2pm has long been a station goal.

Last year, we put this goal on a temporarily hold when we added the Thom Hartmann Program to our lineup. We’re very pleased to continue carrying the Hartmann program (now heard as a one-hour “best of” digest from 11am until noon) while expanding our local offerings.

Out to Lunch

Join us for lunch as we launch local shows noon until two weekdays with two new hosts: DJ Art-V (Mondays with African Postman) and DJ Kelly C (Wednesdays with Out to Hunch). Some WRFI regulars will also lend their talents to the midday block: Carlos Gutierrez (Fridays with Alcance Latino), Melissa Hoffman (Tuesdays with Spirit Radio), and Ignatz (Thursdays with The Lunch Pad).

Weekends on WRFI welcome Deep Cuts and Opa! on Saturdays, and Pa’Bajo and Territory Shall Mean the Universe  on Sundays. The area’s Mandarin speakers will want to check out Chinese Studio on Thursday from 4-5, and then dig into the crates with the Basement Dwellers at 9. And Jamaican Clash and Eclectic Currents join the Tuesday lineup. Plus, even more local programs are in the works!

We’re also adding several new syndicated programs to Saturday’s lineup: For the Wild, reimagines “a world where humanity can find its way back into the web of life,” two hours of hip hop on And You Don’t Stop with Public Enemy’s Chuck D.,  and  A Way With Words takes a close look at language through history, culture and family.

Letters and Politics Monday-Thursday at 5pm

Another major change to our lineup of syndicated programs is that we will no longer repeat Democracy Now! at 5pm. Instead, we will bring you fresh headlines and analysis from Pacifica’s Letters and Politics with Mitch Jeserich Monday through Thursday for your evening drive time. Keep your ears out for a new live local arts preview show (coming soon) Fridays at 5pm.