Mark H. Anbinder, editor of, talks with WRFI about how he’s breaking local news [AUDIO]

Mark H. Anbinder from was the first to report on the most recent vandalism of a Black Lives Matter sign at the home of Ithaca Alderperson Ducson Nguyen. Anbinder wrote at the end of last week that Nguyen’s home surveillance camera captured a video image of the suspect: Anbinder included a still photo of this image in his piece. Someone then saw the image from the news and shared the suspect’s identity to an Ithaca police anonymous tip line.

In general, has been spreading its wings as a news site this summer, covering an increasing amount of breaking news. So, WRFI’s Laura Rosbrow-Telem spoke to him about this, as well as the most recent scoop about the vandal defacing Alderperson Nguyen’s property.

This conversation first aired on WRFI News at 6 on August 14.

Image credit: Photo of Mark H. Anbinder at WRFI’s studios. Courtesy of Laura Rosbrow-Telem.