WRFI.ORG Levels Up: New Features are LIVE, More to Come

Our new audio player is live on the website and is packed with features designed to enhance your online listening experience. The player not only streams our live content, but it also displays the current and next shows, the daily calendar, and other important information from your community radio station. To check it out click “Listen” in the menu at the top and then select “New Popup Player.” (NOTE: Some users may need to disable their browser’s popup blocking features for WRFI.ORG. Don’t worry, we’ll never abuse this privilege by displaying annoying ads!)

In addition, as our DJs get trained up in the new technology, look for “now playing” information about each song they play, as well as more information about the artist.

Some of this info is integrated on the homepage as well (look below the “Broadcasting Worldwide” headline).

We are still working on fulling implementing the new systems and training our hosts, but once we get the basics down, keep an eye out for live chat, “now playing” information on your newer car radios, and improved access to archived programs.

We’re excited because these new features will increase access to WRFI’s programming – whether for people listening outside of our FM coverage area or for those who simply don’t have FM radios – wherever they might be. Please  let us know what you think, and remember: every stride our fledgling community station takes is thanks to the support of our communities!

Photo: Leo Reynolds, Flickr