So much has happened since I last wrote to you. But, with so many crises facing our communities and the world, WRFI has strived to rise to the occasion. From bolstering our steadfast commitment to local and independent news, to introducing our new Town Hall Meetings, to producing socially-distanced radio from our DJ living rooms, we’ve deepened our commitment to the kind of community building that only radio can do. And, starting on Friday, October 16, for the first time in 7 months, our hosts will be returning to the station to make LIVE (and socially distanced) radio for you as part of our 9th annual fall fund drive!


Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, WRFI was poised for a banner year. In addition to all the great programming we bring you each and every day, thanks to continued support from listeners like you, we were closer than ever to greatly increasing our coverage area–a game changer for many of our rural listeners and commuters. Plus, with help from a New York State grant, work had begun to upgrade and expand our studios, replacing aging, hand-me-down equipment and ensuring that everyone in our communities will have access to a professional broadcast studio for years to come. The ripple effects of the pandemic has slowed these projects, we’re still making progress! In fact, our newly rehabilitated Studio B, is nearly complete!

After months –or years, depending on how you count it– WRFI's Studio B, the Nicholas Hill Space for Creative Radio, is nearly complete and ON THE AIR! Pictured above are WRFI's Engineer Extraordinaire Joseph Haefeli and General Manager Felix Teitelabaum at a particularly triumphant moment. More details coming soon!

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As the crises facing our communities intensify –from racial injustice, to the coronavirus pandemic, to the global climate crisis– our reliance on each other is what sustains us and what will get us through. With your support, WRFI can continue to provide connective tissue that binds folks in our area together with compassion, truth, and a call for justice.

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