And in Covid-19 news, a survey of 2,200 AARP New York Activists, found that less than half were successful in scheduling a Covid-19 vaccination appointment.

This underscores the difficulty New Yorkers have been experiencing when signing up for appointments online. 

Difficulties to vaccinate people of color was also represented in the survey -- just 38% were  successful in signing up.

Tompkins County residents have also struggled to schedule appointments. The county held a town hall meeting this past Wednesday to answer questions about vaccine sign-up appointments. They explained the majority of vaccines are being distributed to state sites, which the Tompkins County site is not one of. The closest vaccine sites are in Syracuse, and Binghamton. 

New York State has a toll-free phone line at 1-833-647-4829 to help schedule vaccination appointments.

Tompkins County is reporting 19 new COVID Cases, and a total of 137 active cases. 

Schuyler County is reporting zero new cases, and a total of 9 active cases.