COVID Cases are Dropping, Tompkins County Officials Say There’s Still a Chance for Another Spike

Active cases of COVID-19 have been on a downward trend in Tompkins County. 

According to the County’s local coronavirus data, the weekly average for new positive cases is 9 a day.

9 new positive cases a day -- the last time this was the average was in Early November, before the well predicted holiday spike of COVID-19 cases.

As warm weather approaches and vaccines are being rolled out, it seems like Tompkins County is turning a corner on the long journey of COVID-19.

But Tompkins County Public Health Director, Frank Kruppa, made it clear we're not out of the woods yet.  He said, "It doesn’t take much to see a spike in cases."

To make it to the finish line, and avoid another spike in cases, everyone must continue following public health guidance.

Kruppa said, "We need fully vaccinated people to continue following thee public health guidance. I know that’s going to be hard for some people. But it’s really important, because not everyone is vaccinated yet. And we need to continue to protect those who are most vulnerable amongst us."

The County Health Department has a COVID-19 Vaccine registry form. To access it, you can find it on the county website.

WRFI Community Contributor Fred Balfour reported for this story.