Coronavirus Update, April 22, 2021

Cornell University is holding its first student Covid-19 vaccination clinic on Friday, April 23. 

The clinic will administer the moderna vaccine and will be held in Bartels Hall on campus.

This announcement comes just one week after the first clinic was announced. This original first clinic was canceled because of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine pause. In the announcement, the clinic was said to involve all three local colleges. However, it appears that Cornell has separated, as similar announcements have yet to come from Ithaca College and TC3. 

Students who are interested in receiving the vaccine must sign up for the Tompkins County Covid-19 Vaccine Registry

Tompkins County is reporting 11 new cases of COVID-19, and 63 active cases.

Schuyler County is reporting 0 new cases, and 9 active cases of the coronavirus.