WRFI Board Meeting Minutes — May 2021

WRFI Board Meeting Minutes — May 11, 2021, 6-8pm



Stephen Cope

Carlos Gutierrez

Joseph Haefeli

Joe Romano

Godfrey Simmons

Chantal Thomas

Pamela Tan

Felix Teitelbaum

John Young (present at end of meeting)



  • Minutes--
    • Approve minutes from April meeting
    • Begin posting minutes for the public
  • AGM search update--
  • News Director update--
  • Bookkeeping update--
  • Brand recognition
  • Discussion of the article Jum Warritay suggested, for discussion at May meeting.
  • Follow ups on outreach to organizations:
    • Village at Ithaca (Pamela)
    • Ithaca Children’s Garden (John)
    • Reuse Center (Felix)
    • BLM (Stephen/Chantal)
    • Geneva Women’s Assembly (Stephen)
    • MRC (Joe)
    • Southside Community Center
    • Groundswell (Pamela)
    • Cornell Prison Project connection (Stephen)
  • Next Meeting?
    • Next Jum article




GM Report

  • Reevaluation of bookkeeping practices
    • Existing system: Felix enters into Google sheet, bookkeeper enters into system, changes need to be made.
    • Fact-finding:
      • Other comparable stations: Should not have two separate data entry systems.
      • Felix will contact our accountant after tax season.
    • Felix is considering three options and will report
  • News: Reformatted with short newscasts, Friday news show
    • Award!: Best Newscast! NYS Broadcasting Award
    • New Yorker cited WRFI (article shared)
    • Action Item:
      • Send news to donors
      • Promote on-air
    • AGM Hire: Move forward with interview/hire.
    • Programming Update: Welcoming people back to the station.
      • Return to station
      • Studio B Training
      • Recruitment: Henry/Black Hands Universal
    • PCIM Summer Intern
      • Partner with educator in station?
    • Underwriting
      • Discover Cayuga Lake
      • Alpine Roofing - Olivia
      • Falls Wine Room
    • Studio A construction progress
      • Wall is up!
    • WINO progress
      • Spoke to an engineer
      • Moving onto structural approval
      • Capital campaign: $60K+ for “Expansion”
        • List of needs/aspirations from Felix
        • Could allow for second station (WRFI talk + WINO music)
        • Mobile studio
        • Salary enhancements
      • Strategic partnerships


  • First order for meeting: Approve minutes from April meeting. Not a vote, consent agenda.
  • Pamela: Review minutes for public executive summary
  • Public comment period
  • ACTION ITEM: Joe: Clear policy for when we go into Executive Session
  • ACTION ITEM: Carlos: Open Meetings for non-profit research

Follow ups on outreach to organizations:

  • Village at Ithaca (Pamela)--in progress
  • BLM (Stephen/Chantal)
  • Groundswell (Pamela)--in progress
  • Public Art (Felix)

Discussion of the article Jum Warritay suggested

  • Other syndicated shows
  • News team composition

Next Meeting?

  • Next Jum article?
  • Tues, June 8 @ 6 pm