2021 Izzy Award Winner: Tim Schwab

Tim Schwabb

One of the largest figures in the American economy and culture, Bill Gates, has only improved his reputation throughout the pandemic.  Gates. and the Gates Foundation, are a point of leadership throughout this global health crisis.

Although, Tim Schwab’s reporting paints a picture that is not so singularly benevolent.

Schwab is a recipient of the 13th annual Izzy Award and it’s his reporting on the opaque operations of the Gates Foundation that made him stick out to the Judges.

This is a produced version of his acceptance speech, where he talks about the Gate’s Foundations influence in our society and in the field of Global Health.

This first voice you’re going to hear is, Bob McChesney, professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois. He introduced Schwab at April’s Izzy Award Ceremony.

You can find Tim Schwab's reporting at The Nation.

The Music used in this piece is from BlueDotSessions.