New Yorkers Tepid on Cuomo Reelection, New Poll Shows



ITHACA, NY -- A new Siena College Research Institute poll reveals what New Yorkers think about Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The numbers are similar to another Siena poll from May. 23 percent think he should resign immediately while 39 percent say he should serve out his term, but not seek re-election. 33 percent say he should continue to serve out his term and seek re-election. 

Cuomo still  holds favorable ratings on his handling of the pandemic. More republicans say he did a good job managing the state’s vaccination program than say he did a bad job. On the flip side, only 22 percent of New Yorker’s polled approve of Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes,  compared to 60 percent disapproval.

The poll also show results regarding the allegations against Cuomo for sexual harassment: 42 percent say investigations into these allegations will find evidence of harassment, while 32 percent say it will not.

Another item in the poll was on referendums in the November election. 55 percent approved of allowing people to vote by absentee ballot for any reason, while 35 percent opposed it. 

There were similar results for allowing people to register to vote up to Election Day, with 52 percent supporting and 39 percent opposing. 

A different referendum with wide approval would add to the New York state constitution, “Each person shall have a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment.” 80 percent of those polled favored this referendum. 

The breakdown of the poll results can be found here.