WRFI Board Meeting Minutes — September 2021

WRFI Board Meeting Minutes — September 21, 2021, 6-8pm



Stephen Cope

Carlos Gutierrez

Joseph Haefeli

Joe Romano

Chantal Thomas

Pamela Tan

John Young


Not Present:

Godfrey Simmons


  • Approval of minutes
  • GM update (Felix)
    • Membership drive
      • Summary emailed by Felix on 9/21/21
      • Main objective: new members
    • Programming Updates:
      • Monthly collaborative call-in show with the Ithaca Voice (including for “non-serious topics”)
      • Re-Entry Theater
      • Raza Rumi: public affairs
      • Two new programs
      • Arts Roundup
      • Youth Radio Project: 6 recruits
    • Underwriting:
      • Taitem Engineering
      • Kitchen Theater
      • Resident Noise
      • Ithaca Children’s Garden
      • Nothing Nowhere
      • Underwriting sales pitch
    • Park Report/Application
      • Felix would like the Board to take the lead on this.
      • Disbursed on March 31, 2021
      • Proposal due January 8th
      • Stephen and John available to assist.
    • Requests from Felix:
      • 6-8 new board members
      • Board Member expectations: review and approval
      • Request for following up with major donors - and on air testimonials
    • Major fundraising campaign: major donor push
      • Futures fund: operating + growth
    • Tower/transmitter update:
      • County tower: exploring from technical perspective
      • File to modify current permit
      • Ownership filing by Dec. 1
      • Construction Permit
      • Grants Gateway: want to see (1) a minority/women-owned business policy, and (2) roster of officers
    • Studio A construction: Coming along well. Hope to have it ready by the next fundraising drive.
    • Personnel Committee to work with Felix on staffing
    • Finances:
      • Bookkeeping taken over by Felix
      • Outcome of survey for news programming
      • 2020: Covid, AGM, plus salary increases.
      • WINO project: increased capital and operating costs
      • Donations higher with talk programming v. music programming?
      • Increases needed with Major Gifts/Major Grants
    • Interns
  • Expanding WRFI Board: How is it going with outreach/conversations to potential board members? (Joseph)
  • Chair’s Report (Stephen)
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Fundraising drive for transmitter (John)
  • Approve any raises (due in May)
  • Greater Board/leadership transparency for volunteers (Pamela)
    • Post minutes on website
    • Key board meetings: Public? Agenda item requests from volunteers/staff?
    • Reach out/thank you to volunteers