WRFI and Ithaca Voice to jointly cover Good-Cause evictions in March 29th Community Conversation call-in show

As part of our ongoing efforts to engage the community in important local issues, WRFI and the Ithaca voice are working together to provide coverage on recent Good-Cause evictions legislation and the surrounding conversation.

Should laws be passed to establish a tenant’s right to an automatic lease renewal? Good-cause eviction laws are being considered at the local and state levels. It’s a complex problem, but WRFI and the Ithaca Voice are teaming up to help the community understand this important issue that affects so many local tenants and landlords.

Go to ithacavoice.com to read their coverage of the proposed laws and tune in to WRFI Tuesday March 29 at 6pm to join a call-in Community Conversation. The program will feature Simone Gatson of the Ithaca Evictions/Displacement Defense Project and Bill Niebel of the Tenants Advocacy Practicum at Cornell Law School.

Tune in and/or add your voice to the discussion March 29th at 6pm!