June 13, 2022 Daily Headlines

Last Thursday, parents, students, and staff at Ithaca High School were alerted by Principle Jason Trumble that the school was safe after a student made a threat during second period. According to 14850.com, Trumble told the community that the situation was handled immediately, and the school informed authorities. The incident took place just a week after two students at Lansing High School were charged with making terrorist threats. 


The family of a Cornell student is suing the City of Ithaca. Philip Zukowski’s died on May 8, 2021, after falling to his death in the Ithaca Falls Natural Area. The former Cornell student fell from an area along Fall Creek near Stewart Avenue.. The Zukowski family filed a lawsuit on May 24, 2022, claiming the city failed to keep the natural area safe. The suit claims the city’s negligence caused their son to sustain multiple injuries which caused his death. According to the Ithaca Voice, the family wants to “recover all of their damages from the defendants in an amount determined by a jury.” 


Tompkins County is lifting its mask advisory after being re-classified as  medium risk for COVID-19. The CDC had assessed Tompkins as a  high risk community in April after multiple citizens tested positive for the Omicron variant. The city is lifting its mask advisory after a decline in positive cases and hospitalization occurred over the past several weeks. According to CNY News, residents are still encouraged to wear masks in public settings. 

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