June 23, 2022 Daily Headlines

The Tompkins County Health Department says local pediatricians are preparing to administer COVID vaccines to children at least six months old, now that they have been approved by the FDA The Pfizer vaccine is available for children ages six months to four years old, and the Moderna vaccine is available for children ages six months to five years old. Shannon Alvord, the Tompkins County public health communications coordinator, encourages people to contact their pediatrician's office or check online at vaccines.gov to find a local pharmacy offering the vaccine.


Ithaca College is hosting the Special Olympics State Summer Games this weekend, and the event still needs more than 300 volunteers. The Ithaca Voice reported on the issue and said more than a thousand Special Olympics athletes and coaches would be competing on Saturday, June 25th. Most volunteers are needed to help with track and field, basketball, and swimming. No sports experience is necessary. If you would like to volunteer or attend the events, visit specialolympics-ny.org 


Yesterday Governor Kathy Hochul announced increased pay for New York state lifeguards. There’s currently a shortage of  lifeguards and the state expects the increased pay to attract more applicants. . Pay rates for lifeguards upstate will increase by 34 percent, and lifeguards at downstate facilities will increase by 21 percent. The new pay increase goes into effect immediately for lifeguards working for the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and the Department of Environmental Conservation. For more information, visit governor.ny.gov.

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