July 6, 2022 Daily Headlines

Eight Artists in conjunction with the Community Unity Music Education Project have received a major grant from Creatives Rebuild New York’s Artist Employment Program. The artists are, Fe Nunn, Resana Malone, Harry Smith, Cyepress Rite, Nicole Bethany Onwuka, Annemarie Zwack, Maryam Adib, and Daraisi Marte. The grant totals more than 1 million dollars over two years, and will be used to pay the salaries of the artists, and to support CUMEP and collaborating organizations, Southside Community Center, the Community Arts Partnership, and Black Hands Universal.


Tompkins County Sheriff Derek Osborne recently published his office’s Annual Report for 2021 which includes crime statistics for the year. While a few categories of crime increased in 2021, according to the Ithaca Voice, the numbers do not support the common narrative that Tompkins County has seen a “fearsome” rise in crime. Theft from buildings, vandalism, kidnapping, and aggravated assault  increased but other indicators either fell or remained consistent with the range seen in prior years. 


The New York State Education Department’s 2022 Summer Food Service Program begins in July. The program provides free meals to low income children aged 18 or younger while school is out of session. According to WHAM-13, the meals are fresh and locally sourced, so that the children are provided with nutritious food. The Ithaca locations are the Boces Special Classes, and the Franziska Rackers Center. There are 3000 sites statewide: to find one near you, go to fns.usda.gov/meals4kids or text “Food” or “Comida” to 304-305. 

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