July 8, 2022 Daily Headlines

The June 28th gubernatorial primary saw a steep decline in voter turnout numbers for Tompkins County. According to the Ithaca Voice, only around 5,700 people voted in the 2022 primary compared to 2018 when nearly 11,300 voted, a dropoff of almost 50%. In Ithaca’s Fourth Ward which encompasses Collegetown and parts of East Hill, only 100 people voted in the Common Council primary elections, despite fourth ward candidates Tiffany Kumar and Patrick Mehler touting their ability to get out the student vote. However, turnout in the fourth ward is typically low. Tompkins County showed the sixth largest drop in voter turnout numbers statewide. 


On Wednesday, Ithaca’s Common Council passed an ordinance declaring Ithaca a sanctuary city for abortion and reproductive rights. According to the Ithaca Voice, the ordinance, passed by a unanimous vote, will ban the use of city resources to penalize those who travel to Ithaca seeking an abortion. This includes any cooperation with outside jurisdictions on punishment or detention. The ordinance will be added to the city’s “Human Rights Protection” section of the municipal code, and will take effect immediately.


The Albany diocese has settled the first major Child Victims Act case brought against them for $750,000. The previously unannounced settlement was reached in early June. The victim, Steve Mittler, was told if he waited any longer the diocese might file for bankruptcy. According to the Times Union, hundreds of lawsuits are have been brought against the diocese under the Child Victims Act which extended the statute of limitations on claims involving sexual abuse of minors. 

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