April 2022 BOD Meeting Minutes

ICR Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Apr 12, 2022 6-8:10pm


  • Felix Teitelbaum (staff)
  • Joseph Haefeli
  • John Young
  • Robin Elliott
  • Carlos Gutierez (joined at 6:30)
  • Joe Romano (joined at 6:45)
  • Corinne Shanahan (staff)


  • Godfrey Simmons
  • Chantal Thomas
  • Alex Ackert-Smith

Notes by: Corinne Shanahan

Quorum Achieved (6:45pm)



  • Corinne to send out black out date calendar for strategic planning session
  • Felix to ask Sally from NFCB for more info on deliverables, examples, references, etc.
  • Bryan Roberts to pass along info on Park strategic planning class


6pm Pre-Quorum:

  • Introduction from Bryan Roberts - potential new board member. 
  • ED report:
    • Updates on tower project. Lease and fundraising efforts are continuing.
    • Discussion on success of Spring New Member Drive.
    • Sharing updates on recruitment and programming schedule changes.
    • Discussion on grant activity and opportunities.


6:45pm Quorum Reached:

  • Consent Agenda: 
    • By-law updates (David W. removal, and email voting)
    • March Minutes
    • John Young Motion to approve Consent Agenda, Robin Elliott Second, All Present in Favor.
      • Motion Passed.
  • Discussion on Strategic Planning Session and potential facilitators/partners.
    • Discussion on what the objectives are for strategic planning.
    • Re: scheduling - need black out date calendar
    • Question on Claritas Consumer Data
    • Felix to get examples of output from Sally - what are deliverables? References?
  • Vice President Position / Board Recruitment
    • Felix working on recruiting accountant
    • John would move to VP if we could find another treasurer
  • Discussion on Capital Campaign next steps.
  • EXECUTIVE SESSION for remainder of meeting.


8:10 Meeting Adjourned