WRFI – Meeting Minutes – May 2022

WRFI Board Meeting 

May 10, 2022: 6-8pm 



Felix Teitelbaum
Alexandra Ackert-Smith
Carlos Gutierrez
John Young
Chantal Thomas
Bryan Roberts
Joe Romano (joined at 6:13pm)


Not Present:

Godfrey Simmons
Robin Elliott
Joseph Haefeli



6:07pm: Quorum achieved 

6:10pm: Arrival/welcome/special welcome of Bryan as new board member

6:10-12 pm Committee report outs (governance, development, community engagement, personnel, finance) 

6:15-6:20pm Financial report from John: Review of WRFI’s Profit and Loss Standard from April 2022; $40K gift has been received for capital camp

6:22pm Motion to pass minutes from April 

  • John Young motioned to approve Consent Agenda, Joe Romano seconded, all present in favor.
    • Motion passed.

6:20-6:30pm Board recruitment discussion/update

  • Alex to reach out to Don Barber 
  • Felix suggested Fred Balfour 
  • Thoughts on enforcing board member attendance 

6:30-6:40 Strategic planning discussion/update

  • Felix will share two documents from Sally Kane of NFCB - a glossary of terms (mission, vision, values) and next steps in strategic planning (to be used by the governance committee) 
    • Plans to develop a strategic framework 

6:40-7:00pm ED report from Felix 

  • Tower update - pieces are in place to move forward next week 
    • Discussion of bids 
  • Launching a new on-air schedule; on-air folks know we’re reformatting our programming (afternoon news 12-1pm onward) 
    • Two outreach events to recruit (Streets Alive, Triphammer record sale); open application for hosts is available
    • New schedule to launch June 1st; we already have two new shows, and a few more in the pipeline!
  • Personnel discussion 
    • Roster is vulnerable to high turnover; staffing-wise, we’re one-deep for nearly every position 
    • Work on other grants (less reliance on Park Foundation)
    • We’re at a critical/pivotal point; it’s imperative that we stay energized as a board 
    • Lean into fundraising 
  • Discussion of joining the Chamber
  • Thinking through tactics to create buzz around public initiatives/restarting WRFI’s Arts program within the community - how can board members make the case? 

7:03pm John shared WRFI’s revised pay hours 

  • Comparable salaries and incomes vs. other community radio stations - WRFI is behind 

End of official board meeting

7-8 work on Board tasks/activity