Headlines for August 17, 2022

Tompkins Area Consolidated Transit or TCAT will receive more that $8.5 million from the Federal Transit Administration. The funds will be used to expand the operator’s electric vehicle fleet which, since April of 2021, has included seven fully electric buses. The new funds will be used to purchase six more full-sized electric buses and 4 smaller electric vehicles. This brings TCAT one step closer to its goal of transforming its entire fleet to electric vehicles by 2035.

In other TCAT news, cuts are expected to bus service this fall. The Ithaca Voice is reporting that the operator is facing severe staffing shortfalls amongst drivers and mechanics. These shortages are reflected in larger national trends in the transportation sector. Currently TCAT drivers make about $23 per hour or about $48,000 per year before taxes. TCAT General Manager Scot Vanderpool said cuts would reduce total bus hours by about 20 percent and that routes with high frequency would be cut in order to preserve baseline service to rural areas.

In Schuyler County the Healthy Eating Active Living group is announcing a photo contest. The coalition of agencies, businesses, and community members is dedicated to reducing obesity in the County and is inviting the public to submit photos highlighting healthy foods and ways to stay active. You can learn more at www.schuylercounty.us.

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