Headlines for August 24, 2022 (Election Results)

Unofficial election results are in for yesterday’s primaries and special elections.

Former Binghamton councilperson Lea Webb will be the Democratic nominee in November’s race in the new 52nd State Senate district. As of last night, she had taken 61% of the vote with more than 95% of districts reporting. She’s favored to win over Republican Richard David in the general election. According to the Ithaca Voice, President Biden took more than 60% of the vote in the area in 2020. 

Ithaca local, Josh Riley won big in the Democratic primary for the new 19 Congressional district. As of last night, Riley had a 28 point lead over Jaimie Cheney with 92% of precincts reporting. Cheney conceded the race to Riley at around 10:30 saying “Thank you all for your support and let’s go beat Marc[,]” referring to Marc Molinaro the uncontested Republican nominee. However, in a tight race, Molinaro was projected to lose last night’s special election in the old 19th district to veteran and Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan.

In the special election in the 23rd Congressional district, Steuben County Republican Committee Chair Joe Sempolinksi was projected to win in a tight race over Max Della Pia. As of last night, Sempolinski held more than a 6 point lead over Della Pia with more than 95% reporting. Sempolinski will likely serve only four months in the seat. As of last night State Republican Chair Nick Langworthy held more than a 5 point lead over Carl Paladino in the Republican primary in the 23rd. Della Pia is the uncontested Democrat running in the 23rd in November.

Again all election results to date are unofficial. 

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