Headlines for August 25, 2022

The Ithaca Voice is reporting that, for now, the spotted lantern fly isn’t posing as big a risk to area vineyards as had been expected. So far the invasive pest hasn’t spread to Finger Lakes vineyards at the same destructive level seen in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Brian Eshenaur of the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program said that local infestations haven’t yet reached the point of requiring special pesticide application, though it may only be a matter of time. For now, wine makers are trying a variety of approaches to reducing the risk posed by the insect including diversifying fruits used in their wines to include blueberries and apples. A new biopesticide using a fugal toxin is also giving some growers hope.

Despite the confusion the state’s redistricting process introduced in this year’s election cycle, New York is still considering further action on redistricting. The Times Union reports that on Wednesday–only one day after votes were cast in newly formed Congressional and State Senate districts–lawyers argued in court over whether State Assembly districts should be thrown back to the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission or be handled in the Courts under the direction of a “Special Master.” The decision on this could come as soon as Thursday and could have a lasting effect on how the state handles redistricting in years to come.

According to a poll conducted by Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, cost of living is the biggest concern among New York residents. Of the more than 2000 people surveyed, twenty-eight percent said cost of living is the most important issue they face, followed by crime which just over 20% rated as their biggest concern.

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