Headlines for September 6, 2022

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced on Thursday that it would add Josh Riley to its “Red to Blue” program. Riley—who recently moved to Ithaca and grew up in Endicott—won the Democratic nomination for New York’s new 19th Congressional District. According to the Times Union, the announcement indicates that the DCCC will invest heavily in the race to defeat Republican Marc Molinaro, and, according to a statement, provide “the support needed to continue developing a strong campaign and keep New York 19 blue.” 

Molinaro previously ran in the old 19th district in a special election in August. He lost by 2 points to Democrat Pat Ryan. Riley will take on Molinaro in the midterm elections on November 8th. 

A rebuilt Green Street Parking Garage is opening today in downtown Ithaca. The opening was originally scheduled for the Fall of 2021, but was subject to several delays over the course of the year.  The public is welcome to use the facility starting today, and on September 13, the Ithaca Chamberlain’s office will begin selling monthly permits.

About 40 workers, union members, and supporters rallied in Ithaca yesterday despite the pouring rain. The event marked Labor Day and came on the heels of a weeklong strike by local Starbucks workers held in solidarity with active union member Kayli Gillett who was fired August 25. Union members are calling the firing union busting. The group marched on Campus Rd and then down Buffalo St to the Commons Starbucks location. Organizers included the local branch of Starbucks Workers United, the Tompkins County Workers Center, the Ithaca DSA, and the local branch of the Working Families Party. Gillett spoke at the rally along with assembly member Anna Kelles, Democratic State Senate candidate Lea Webb and representatives of several unions.

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