Local News for January 23, 2023

State Senate Democrats Push Funding for New York’s Climate Plan

Progressive lawmakers and environmentalists have called on Governor Hochul to divert $10 billion—or about 4%— of her state budget proposal to help ensure New York meets its ambitious climate plans. According to the Times Union, the 2019 Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act committed the state to transition away from most carbon emissions by 2030. The bill is the most progressive plan to combat climate change in the country, but lawmakers like Assemblymember Anna Kelles insist early investment is required to create programs and union jobs “that will aid in the development of renewable energy.” Another bill would require energy companies to pay about $30 billion to address effects caused by the climate crisis. 

Hochul Weighs Bypassing Judiciary Committee on LaSalle Nomination

After Governor Hochul’s nominee for NY’s top judge was rejected by the state Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, questions remain as to whether she could force a vote by the state’s full Senate. The Judicial Committee voted 10 to 9 against advancing Hector LaSalle to the full Senate for confirmation, and argued that the committee's rejection effectively blocks him from being considered by the full Senate. Hochul and her senior allies argue the state constitution requires a vote from the full Senate, regardless of the result of the committee vote. According to the Times Union, supporters say the State Constitution says the Senate must advise and consent to the governor’s nominees to the Court of Appeals, and that the Senate must take action on the nominee within 30 days. Opponents argue that the Senate sets its own rules, which say “nothing reaches the floor without being approved by the relevant committee.”

Ithaca Area Movie Theater To Shut Down

Lansing’s Regal Cinema is slated to close after its parent company, Cineworld, filed for bankruptcy. The Ithaca Voice reports that Regal will close 39 locations across the country in addition to 12 it has already shuttered. Regal is the second largest movie theater company in the United States, and has more than 500 locations across the country. Ithaca continues to enjoy two repertory cinemas: Cinemapolis and Cornell Cinema—both of which are under new management. The Regal Cinema in the Arnot Mall will remain open for now. 

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