Local News for Thursday, February 23, 2023

Thousands of NY Nurses Credentials Under Scrutiny

Over 900 New York nurses are being asked by the state Education Department to provide proof of their credentials. The nurses studied at Florida-based nursing schools accused of selling fake diplomas. Seven nursing programs were shut down following a multi-state federal investigation. The Albany Times Union reports that over 2,000 other nurses have had their licensing applications frozen. At least 25 people have been arrested across several states including New York and New Jersey for allegedly participating in the scheme. Some of those who bought the degrees were later hired by medical facilities across the country. Officials say some may have received required training but further investigations will determine which nurses, if any, will lose their licenses. The country is in the midst of a nursing shortage that has only been made worse by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Cornell University Apologizes, Returns Remains to Oneida Nation

Cornell University apologized to the Oneida Nation this week for keeping the remains of an ancestor and other possessions since 1964. WSYR reports that the remains were originally uncovered when construction was being done near Windsor, New York. They were turned over to a Cornell anthropology professor, Kenneth Kennedy, to identify. After that the remains and ceremonial burial items were put in the Cornell archives where they stayed until they were found during an archival inventory. In her apology, President Martha Pollock said that Cornell never should have kept the remains. An Oneida representative said they’ll be buried according to traditional customs. A 1990 federal law requires Native American remains be returned. Oneida sovereign territory is in central New York in what is now Madison and Onondaga counties.

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