Local News for Monday, March 6th, 2023

The New York State Attorney’s Office is proposing a set of rules aimed at preventing price gouging. The rules define gouging as “any price increase over 10% during an abnormal disruption in the market.” According to the Times Union, New Jersey, California, and 8 other states already follow the 10 percent threshold definition. The office argued that price gouging has routinely affected vulnerable poor and working class New Yorkers. The new law will ensure that necessary services will be more accessible to those who may struggle to pay. 

State cannabis regulators announced on Thursday that they will be doubling the number of retail marijuana licenses granted from 150 to 300. The additional 150 licenses will be granted any remaining state aid not used for the original 150 licenses. Chris Alexander, executive director of the Office of Cannabis Management, said that the review of the nearly 900 applications revealed that there were “many qualified individuals…outside of that initial 150.” According to the Times Union, the licenses are given priority to individuals, families, and communities most impacted by past marijuana convictions. 

The Ithaca’s Farmers Market is considering reviving its mid-week downtown market. According to the Ithaca Voice, the DeWitt Park market had already suffered from diminished interest before the Covid-19 pandemic caused a complete shutdown. Three years later, the market has yet to return. Now, the Ithaca Farmers Market is studying demand, vendor availability, and community interest. Monika Roth, president of the Friends of Ithaca Farmers Market, pointed to new downtown residential areas and other factors which point towards a potential increase in community demand. The market is also exploring different days, hours, and locations for the revival. 

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