Voices from the Cornell Encampment: Sivan

In early May, pro-Palestinian activists at Cornell voluntarily took down their "Liberated Zone" solidarity encampment. In this series, we'll listen to some of them explain why they participated and what they learned.

Sivan is a graduate worker.

"I came to the encampment because I was raised as a Jewish person to fight for what I believe in and to fight for human life. And what is happening in Gaza is just death."

"So I'm here to fight for life. I'm here on behalf of my parents who taught me to stand up. I'm here on behalf of my grandparents who organized in the 60s with Dr. King in Chicago. I'm here, even on behalf of my sister in Israel who might not appreciate me being here. But I hope one day she can understand that I am here because of her. Because as long as what's going on, goes on, her life is at risk. My nephew's life is in danger. My family is at risk."

"I feel like I should be getting a master's. degree in organizing rather than plant science because I have learned how to organize here, which is such a blessing because now I can go back after this and continue organizing. But I've also learned the best way to find the cool people on the campus is to start a "liberated zone" because only the cool people will come. And that's how you make friends. [Laughs]"

Find more voices in this series as they become available.

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