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Hello world indeed!

By katrina

Welcome to the new WRFI Community Radio website.  You can see our schedule and listen live to our online stream (click Listen in the menu).  In the next weeks and months we’ll be adding more information to the site, as well as adding new local shows to our program schedule, so check back in often.…

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Latest from the WRFI News Team

Daily features and interviews from our community

Reimagining Public Safety Draft Report, From Release to Now

By WRFI News Staff | March 5, 2021

The Reimagining Public Safety Draft report has made waves in Ithaca and Tompkins County, and has even rippled into the National news.  Here, we track how the draft report was first released to the press, referred to in a GQ article, then presented to the Ithaca Common Council.  Find the GQ article here. To watch…

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COVID Cases are Dropping, Tompkins County Officials Say There’s Still a Chance for Another Spike

By WRFI News Staff | March 3, 2021

Active cases of COVID-19 have been on a downward trend in Tompkins County.  According to the County’s local coronavirus data, the weekly average for new positive cases is 9 a day. 9 new positive cases a day — the last time this was the average was in Early November, before the well predicted holiday spike…

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Hyper-Local Weather Forecasting System Could be a Boon to New York

By WRFI News Staff | March 2, 2021

Cornell University has begun work developing a hyperlocal weather forecasting system for New York state’s rural communities.  They’ve partnered with community stakeholders to design and implement a forecasting system aimed at improving winter-storm emergency response and coordination around natural disasters. It’s a part of a competition hosted by the National Science Foundation, or NSF. For…

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WRFI and Ithaca Voice reporters talk about the Reimagining Public Safety Draft Report and Townhall

By WRFI News Staff | February 26, 2021

The City of Ithaca and Tompkins County legislator held a joint town hall on February, 25th to field questions from the public on the draft report. WRFI News Director, Jimmy Jordan, speaks with Anna Lamb, and Matt Butler of the Ithaca Voice about that meeting, parts of the report, the public’s questions, and the challenges…

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Ithaca College Finalizes Faculty Cuts, Faculty Critical of the Administration’s Process

By Jimmy Jordan | February 26, 2021

The Ithaca College Administration finalized a strategic plan that calls for making dramatic cuts to it’s faculty. But the process that led the college administration to make this decision, as well as the other associated with it, are being criticized by faculty and students.

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Shifting Immigration Policy and its Impact on the Ithaca Community

By WRFI News Staff | February 26, 2021

With the shift in presidential administrations, how immigration policy will change is one topic of concern not only on a national level, but also in local communities like Ithaca.  In the past week, the Biden administration has taken some initial steps in changing immigration policy. WRFI News Team Intern Maia Noah has the story.  

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