Local News for April 7, 2023

Local News for April 7, 2023

Environmental Advocates Call on Governor to Close Seneca Meadows by 2025

HOST: A group of environmental advocates and lawmakers are calling on Governor Hochul to close the Seneca Meadows landfill by 2025. It's located in Seneca County. The groups say in addition to closing the facility PFAS or “forever” chemicals coming from landfills should be monitored. The EPA recently said no level of PFAS chemicals is safe and proposed new safe drinking water levels.

"At a time when we’re trying to clean up drinking water and remove PFAS from drinking water, we shouldn’t be dumping these chemicals back into those same drinking water sources. It doesn’t make any sense," said Robert Hayes of Environmental Advocates New York.

Hayes and others are supporting a bill in the state legislature that would require landfill operators to test for the amount of PFAS chemicals coming from their facilities. The bill was introduced by local Assemblyperson Anna Kelles this year. It’s not been considered in committee. 

Abducted Ithaca Woman Found Dead In Virginia

An Ithaca woman abducted from West Hill early Wednesday morning was found dead in Virginia later that night. New York State Police say that Tatiana David was found dead at the scene of a car accident after a car chase with Virginia State Police. The car was driven by her alleged abductor, Michael Davis. Police say Davis and Virginia State Police exchanged gunfire at the scene of the crash. Tatiana David was found outside the car with an apparent gunshot wound Her cause of death is not known. An investigation is ongoing and an autopsy was scheduled for some time Thursday.

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