Our Mission

WRFI will always be community owned and operated, providing access to the airwaves and an opportunity to learn the craft of radio while serving the general well-being of its community.

WRFI exists to inform and entertain.

WRFI will pursue excellence in content and technique.

WRFI will provide timely and accurate reports including news, weather and events.

WRFI will operate with transparency.

WRFI will strive to cultivate and promote programs that share local and underrepresented perspectives in keeping with the following values:

  • Peace
  • Justice
  • Sustainability
  • Freedom of expression
  • Cultural diversity
  • Integrity
  • Joy


  • History

    Few know the hidden history of our radio station – it all begins with a mysterious flying fish emblem and some oddly crossed wires.

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  • Local Programs

    We prioritize local programming, and provide training opportunities for anyone who wants to start a radio show. See all the local programs on our schedule, and contact us to get involved.

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  • Board of Directors

    WRFI is owned and operated by Ithaca Community Radio, Inc. Let's get to know the fine people on the ICR Board of directors.

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  • Community Advisory Council

    WRFI Community Radio is honored to be advised and guided by this group of former board members and distinguished supporters, who form our Community Advisory Council:

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  • Our Budget

    Your donations support everything we do : electricity, equipment, rent, insurance, staff, and one (just one) awesome pizza party.

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  • Volunteers

    We are volunteer powered. It's kind of amazing when you think about it. All these people cooperating and providing the efforts in service of community radio.

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Pump Up The Volume

We depend on your support to keep corporate sponsors in the boardrooms where they belong. Can we count on your support?