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WRFI Board of Directors

WRFI is owned and operated by Ithaca Community Radio, Inc. Let's get to know the fine people on the ICR Board of directors. 

Andrea Salzman - WRFI Board Co-President

Andrea Salzman

Board Co-President

Andrea Salzman is the host of legendary WRFI mainstay The Freepile. Her collection of music and weekly performance is a favorite, and one of the early shows on the station. She joined the board in 2014, and has been helping WRFI in a variety of ways, offering creative perspective and humor.

Roger Kimmel Smith

Roger Smith

Board Co-President

Since 2013, Roger has hosted WRFI’s weekly 1920s/30s music show “Crazy Words, Crazy Tune,” a program he first produced in the 1980s for WSRN college radio while a student at Swarthmore. He has a Master’s in Media Ecology from New York University and has taught journalism, writing, and mass communication at Ithaca College and Rutgers University.

He was an activist organizer with Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) in the early years of the media reform movement. He also worked as an NGO network coordinator in disarmament and international security at the United Nations. He makes his living as a freelance scribe specializing in music and world news.

The WRFI Volunteer Sensation John Young!

John Young

Board Treasurer

John caught the radio bug as a student, when he became a regular DJ and served as Assistant Engineer and board member at KRLX-Northfield (Minnesota), the voice of Carleton College.

As a professional musician, he has performed or been featured on national programs such as NPR’s Weekend Edition and World Café, as well as on many local stations across America. As a writer and researcher on the global environment and related issues, he has made hundreds of appearances on radio networks around the world, including NPR, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, and the BBC. When he’s not on the radio, he’s probably listening to it.


Godfrey Simmons

Board Member

Godfrey is an actor and director working with Civic Ensemble (see full bio there). On WRFI, he is the host of The Griot Hour. More coming soon.
Twitter: @anangrynegro

Joe Romano

Board Member

Joe Romano has been the Marketing Manager at GreenStar Natural Foods Market for over a decade. Before his tenure at GreenStar, Joe played out in five bands in NYC and worked in film and television in NYC for 20 years. Before that, he taught English Literature and Creative Writing at the City University of New York. He has a wife, a daughter and two cats, (in that order), and currently resides in Ithaca, NY.

Check out The Joe Show on Facebook


Nicholas Hill

Board Member

Nicholas began in radio in the late 1970's at one of America's original community stations, KBOO in Portland, Oregon. For ten years he hosted the live music program, The Music Faucet, on the legendary listener-supported WFMU in NJ. He was an associate producer of the short-lived, much-loved NPR program, Heat With John Hockenberry. He was an on-air host at New York City's AAA public station WFUV, and the weekday evening host of FolkTown, an early channel at Sirius Satellite Radio.

Since moving to Ithaca, he is the morning host of Nonesuch, a program which has been on the air here since 1968, as part of the weekend community-run line-up at WVBR. (Sunday mornings 10am-12:30)
Chantal Thomas, WRFI Board Member

Chantal Thomas

Board Member

Chantal’s experience in radio began in Montreal, Quebec, at the Canadian station CKUT, a nonprofit, campus-community radio station affiliated with McGill University where Chantal studied political science as an undergraduate.

Upon moving to Ithaca, Chantal returned to radio broadcasting as WRFI volunteer and co-host of WRFI’s “Human Rights and Social Justice” program. She has made media appearances with other local and national outlets, such as WVBR, NY1 News, C-SPAN, and PBS Newshour. Her daytime gig involves teaching at Cornell Law School, where she is Professor of Law and also directs the Clarke Initiate for Law and Development in the Middle East and North Africa. Previously, Chantal chaired the Law Department of the American University in Cairo, and has consulted internationally for USAID and the US State Department’s Advisory Committee on International Law.


Stephen Cope

Board Member

Stephen Cope is Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature and Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where his teaching and research focuses on Global Modernism. He is the founder and long time host of “Conference of the Birds,” a radio program and podcast of classical, folk, and experimental musics from around the globe. The program first aired in the early 90s on KZSC radio in Santa Cruz California, where Cope spent two years as music and program director, and has since aired on radio stations in San Diego and now Ithaca.

With Eula Biss and Catherine Taylor, Cope founded Essay Press in 2008, a non-profit imprint devoted to the publication in book-form of innovative non-fiction writing. As a writer, Cope is widely published, and his poems, essays, reviews (of literature and of music), and articles have appeared internationally in venues ranging from academic journals to popular print magazine and periodicals to online zines.

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