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Become an active member of your community radio station!

No matter the amount, your support of WRFI helps keeps community radio from the heart of the Finger Lakes strong. The next time you tune in WRFI you can say to yourself, “Hey – I made that possible.”

WRFI relies on the support of its listeners, like you! With your help, we've recently added a new frequency, 89.7, to reach new communities, and build a more connected Finger Lakes. We've also just hired a Community News Director to add depth and detail to our local news reporting. 

All of our programmers are volunteers. But your contributions fund things that have to be paid for with cash: things like studio and transmitter rent, internet and electrical service, legal and engineering fees, insurance premiums, equipment maintenance, and a living wage for our small staff.

Monthly donations are a great way to show your commitment to the station. Getting that monthly reminder of your support keeps us connected and helps us plan for the future.

Ooooo, SHINY! Holographic Sticker ($10 or more)

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Ithaca Community Radio
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We’re excited to share that we've earned a 2022 Silver Seal of Transparency with Candid! Now, you can support our work with trust and confidence by viewing our profile.

A Huge Thanks to You. Really.

Community radio is not only commercial-free, it's literally free! But we can't do it without your support.
Really, your donations make this all possible. You know how it is: bills, bills, bills...