THIS is Ithaca is a podcast highlighting different residents living in the city of Ithaca. 

Each episode is an audio portrait, ranging from 10 to 15 minutes in length. 

They offer a brief glimpse into the lives of people that compose the city’s larger community. It's their words describing their lives, their work, and their thoughts on community. 

Episodes comes out once a month. You can catch them on Fridays at 5pm on WRFI Community Radio News, online at the THIS is Ithaca website, and almost anywhere you get your podcasts.

Check out the Pilot and look out for future episodes. They're on the way.

Pilot: Exploring Community

In the summer of 2019, long before COVID was a thing, a foreigner and an Ithacan by choice set out to interview the people of this peculiar town in upstate New York, seeking to answer one question: What is it that holds a community together?

Being a Bus Driver

What does it take to be a bus driver? TCAT’s Desiree Johnson is a second-generation bus operator so she’s the perfect person to ask. She takes us on a tour of the job, sharing insights on life and community along the way.


Marietta Synodis
Florenz Gilly


THIS is Ithaca is a labor of love brought to us by two friends of the station.

A native of Germany, Florenz came to Ithaca in 2019 to study at Cornell for a year. 

Marietta moved to Ithaca seven years ago to study herbal medicine for 6 months and decided to make this place home. 

Charmed by the community and dynamics of Ithaca, the two teamed up to explore the people and places that make this place tick.

You can learn more about the podcast, and more about Marietta and Florenz, at the THIS is Ithaca website.