Meet Our Staff


Felix Teitelbaum (he/him)

Executive Director

Felix is a media professional with over 24 years of experience in marketing, web and social media, photography, filmmaking and radio. As a union cameraman in New York City, he worked on projects ranging from “Sesame Street” to “The Sopranos.” As a member of the marketing department at GreenStar Cooperative, he served as Managing Editor of the Co-op’s newsletter and developed the co-op’s first highly successful website. Since WRFI’s live debut in December 2012, Felix has been an avid volunteer, host of “The Launch Pad,” and, since October 2014, served as the station’s Executive Director. Felix is an Ithaca resident of over 30 years. He is a gardener, animal lover, and a cross country skier.


Jim Utz (he/him)

Operations and Volunteer Manager

James Utz began his volunteer radio career as a lunchtime radio host at KDHS radio, a closed circuit station at Davis Senior High School, in 1986. Later that year, at the University of California, Davis, he joined campus/community station KDVS as a volunteer, and hosted roughly 300 music broadcasts there from 1987 to 1993. After a two-decade absence from the music and radio "business," Jim joined WRFI Community Radio as a volunteer in October 2012, a few months after the station began broadcasting original content. As "kid catharsis," Jim has presented the musical program "Bombast" for over 500 broadcasts since 2012. After learning the station's automated programming software, he programmed the station's daily content and soon became a co-Program Director and Board Member. In 2015 he stepped down from station management but continued to program the station once a week, and recently returned to the role of Program Director in late 2021.