Local News for May 4, 2023

- State Democrats Reform Bail Laws to Address Public Safety Concerns -

Governor Kathy Hochul and the legislature have agreed on a $229 billion dollar budget. It includes changes to the bail reform laws that went into effect in 2019. The Albany Times Union says judges will have greater discretion when considering bail for repeat offenders and people accused of violent crimes. Changes to the laws have held up the budget agreement for weeks. 

- Tompkins County Wants Residents Advice About How To Spend $700,000 Opioid Settlement Funds -

Tompkins County residents have the chance to recommend how $700,000 of opioid settlement funds will be used. The County’s Opioid Task Force wants people to fill out an online survey. The money is part of settlements from several drug companies being sued for their role in the national opioid epidemic. 

Yesterday we reported that Ithaca CarShare will suspend its operations on May 19 because of an insurance issue unique to New York State. To hear more about the problem and state legislation that could solve it tune in to our interview with Assemblyperson Anna Kelles tomorrow at 6PM.

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