CREATIVES: The Wedding Show with Sylvie Froncek and Mads Ziomek

The Wedding Show is an immersive and interactive theatre experience where you are a guest at a hilarious and heartfelt queer wedding.  Wine, beer and cider will be available for purchase on June 15th, 28th, 29th, July 5th and 6th at ⁠the Cherry Arts⁠. ⁠GIAC⁠ will host sober and family-friendly performances July 13th and 14th with pay what you can ticket pricing. 

Director and producer Sylvie Froncek and Mads Ziomek (pictured above) who plays the role of the fiancé spoke with WRFI’s DJ Max Disaster (⁠Are You Out There, ⁠Thursdays at 4pm) and Felix Teitelbaum (Executive Director and host of The Lunch Pad, Thursdays 12-2pm).

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