lightning-342341_640At about 9:15 on Saturday night, our WRFI transmitter failed completely. It looks like the power supply got fried, probably by lightning.  More than a dozen volunteers worked like crazy yesterday to make repairs and we were back on the air by 7:30 Sunday night.

Special thanks are due to fellow broadcasters WVBR who lent us a backup transmitter and WSKG who provided other essential doodads as well as Linear Research Associates who lent important testing equipment for the operation. Community members Terry Kelleher, Mark Saia and Dave Fulton deserve special mention as do WRFI volunteers Joseph Haefeli and Bob Fitzsimmons, board members Nicholas Hill and Jonathan Young and general manager Felix Teitelbaum.


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  1. Katrina on May 20, 2015 at 11:13 am

    Amazing! Thanks to all you who worked to get us back on the air!