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How a DJ and a sexual violence survivors’ advocate make bystander trainings cool in Ithaca [AUDIO]

Photo credit: Ben Oritz. From left to right: Ben Ortiz (DJ ha-MEEN), Naomi Barry, and Laura Rosbrow-Telem.

At an event on Monday, August 27, people in Ithaca can learn how to act as bystanders against sexual assault and harassment in a nightlife setting. The “barstander” training, called, “Barstander Training for Everyone Else!” is taking place on Monday from 6-9 p.m. at Toko Imports in the Dewitt Mall. As the name suggests, it is for everyone, not just bartenders.

WRFI’s Laura Rosbrow-Telem recently talked to the organizers of the event, DJ Ben Ortiz (also known as DJ ha-MEEN) from the Ithaca DJ Festival and Naomi Barry from the Advocacy Center. In this interview, the organizers talk about the not so obvious ways people can act as bystanders in potential incidents of sexual violence.

*A quick warning that sexual assault topics will be discussed, including mentions of rape, but no graphic details.

A version of this conversation first aired on WRFI Community Radio News at 6 on August 24. Anna Lamb edited this piece.