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The Ripple Effect Radio Project Part 1: Harmful Algal Blooms [AUDIO]

Every day, stories about the environment are in the local, regional, and national headlines. Climate change, climate emergency, climate crisis — no matter how you slice it, our planet is warming up, a change which, according to the NOAA, is driven primarily by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere. Our new…

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Local students call for an Ithaca Tenants’ Union

For students and families dealing with the rising costs of universities, housing is perhaps now, more than ever, a critical consideration. At Ithaca’s colleges, many students have struggled with finding housing that meets their needs, whether thanks to hands of predatory landlords, run-down buildings, or other concerns. Fall 2019 WRFI News intern Amelia Zohore has…

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Freedom and Hope Through Music: Ithaca’s Dorothy Cotton Jubilee Singers [AUDIO]

Dorothy Cotton and Dr. Baruch Whitehead (photo provided) Ithaca College Associate Professor Dr. Baruch Whitehead joined WRFI’s Michayla Savitt in-studio to speak about the Dorothy Cotton Jubilee Singers, named in honor of the late Ithaca resident and civil rights pioneer Dorothy Cotton. Dr. Whitehead directs the choir, and spoke with Michayla about the group’s work,…

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ENCORE: Time Machine — Recording Jazz on Cylinder [AUDIO]

The Original Cornell Syncopators is a jazz band consisting of thirteen Cornell students plus one faculty member. They play in the earliest jazz styles with strict attention to the music’s history. In this feature, the group makes an acoustic recording using a Thomas A. Edison company cylinder device from the turn of the century. Feature…

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Foodnet Executive Director discusses home meal delivery in Tompkins County [AUDIO]

Foodnet Meals on Wheels is a local organization which provides both food and nutrition services to older individuals living in Tompkins County. Their services involve home delivery of hot meals throughout Ithaca, Groton, Trumansburg, and Lansing. Foodnet Executive Director, Jessica Gosa, recently spoke to WRFI News Director Michayla Savitt and News Contributor Pamela Tan on…

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