Coronavirus Virtual Town Hall – March 16, 2020 [AUDIO]

On Monday, March 16 from 6-7pm WRFI held a virtual town hall meeting on the air and online. The program, our first ever call public call-in show, saw overwhelming interest from the community. The show broke the internet - or at least maxed out our our web-stream capacity. Luckily, you can listen to the whole thing below (minus most of the technical difficulties). Hey, even Joe Biden had some trouble with his virtual town hall, so, we figure we're all in the same boat, figuring this out as we go.

The panel included Tompkins County Administrator Jason Molino, Tompkins County Public Health Director Frank Kruppa, and City of Ithaca Chief of Staff Dan Cogan.

Thank you everyone for participating! We hope to keep our communities connected through more shows like this one in the near future. Stay tuned.

Photo: pyrosapian/flickr