Enough is Enough, New Anti-Gun Collaborative Forming in Ithaca

Ithaca has seen an increase in the number of shots-fired cases in the last few months, as well as other gun related incidents. One of the most concerning examples was a 12 year old boy finding a gun laying in a ditch

“Enough is Enough” is forming as response to this. 

Travis Brooks is pushing the initiative.  He is the Deputy Director of GIAC, and director of Ithaca’s My Brother’s Keeper program. He’s also running for the Tompkins County Legislator in District 1. 

He presented the coalition and project at Tuesday's Homeless and Housing task force meeting, saying it started with a conversation with Ithaca’s Mayor Svante Myrick.

The plan is starting with community relationships. Brooks said, "There are a lot of folks in the community that who some of the main people that are involved are. You know, we’re hoping kind of look at this as the community demanding accountability from folks, and people understanding that, you know, enough is enough."

From there, Brooks wants to work to get any community members involved in the recent gun violence onto a different path. He cited classes and programming already available through My Brother’s Keeper and Black Hands Universal as options.

Currently, Enough is Enough is putting together it’s leadership committee.

Funding for this work is starting from My Brother’s Keeper. As of now, no commitments from the city have been made to fund this initiative. 

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