WRFI Board Meeting Minutes — December 2021

WRFI Board Meeting Minutes — December 14, 2021, 6-8pm 



Alexandra Ackert-Smith

Corinne Shanahan 

Robin Elliott 

Felix Tietelbaum 

Joseph Haefeli

John Young

Joe Romano

David Walton

Chantal Thomas

Stephen Cope


Not Present:

Godfrey Simmons

Carlos Gutierrez 


6-6:10: Quorum achieved; Consent to agenda

6:10: Primary market research — Corinne shared report on five main zip codes under the station’s new contours (households segmented by demographic makeup)

6:15: Discussion of committees creation and populating 

  • Personnel (existing), now including recruiting staff and volunteers 
    • Meets on an as-needed basis
    • Creating job descriptions, performance reviews, resolving conflicts 
    • Board recruitment 
  • Development, fundraising and grant-writing 
  • Community-facing programming (marketing, outreach and events)
  • Governance and finance 

6:30: Motion passed to revise committees as described above 

6:33: Creation of an Executive Committee to be discussed in January 2022 

6:35: Corrine made a survey for individual committee sign-up/participation 

  • Template for a committee charter 

6:36: Status of board recruitment

  • Passed over because 

6:37: Treasurer’s report 

  • John will share more at a later date

6:40: Discussion of potential need to return to remote status due to a surge in Covid cases 

  • Requirement of booster shot in order to be at the station in-person

6:50-8:00: GM’s report 

  • Felix shared an update about the year-end fundraiser and results 
  • Proposal for staffing for 2022 
    • Identified need for a new administrative position, between 20-40 hours per week — the role will assist with bookkeeping, volunteer management, training and other tasks
  • Discussion of benefits and drawbacks of three fundraisers per year, versus one year-end-only 
  • Status of the Capital Campaign 
  • Weighing out pros and cons of expansion/Watkins Glen service coverage area, including redundancies, audience capacity, etc. 
    • Need for more market research 
    • Creating a heat map of donor locations will help determine 
  • ICR-WINO project timeline
    • Lease to be signed in early January 2022 

8-8:20: Upcoming deadlines to keep in mind:

  • Park request: 1/7/2022
  • Park report: 3/31/2022
  • License renewal applications due (WRFI, WINO, W201CD): 2/1/2022
  • Renegotiate LMA: 4/10/2022
  • Current LMA expires: 7/10/2022

8:21: Meeting adjourned