June 6, 2022 Daily Headlines

Starbucks is closing its College Ave location in a move that Starbucks union organizers are calling a “union bust”. According to NPR, the store was given one week's notice of the shut down.The store will close June 10th. The Collegetown store was one of three Starbucks locations in Ithaca to vote to unionize this spring. Union advocates are calling the move “illegal” and “retaliatory.” They are also accusing Starbucks of not fulfilling its legal obligations to negotiate over store closure.


On Thursday night, the New York State Senate passed a first-of-its-kind crypto mining moratorium. According to the Seneca Lake Guardian, for the next two years there will be a hold on new and renewed permits for crypto operations located at fossil-fuel burning plants.The Department of Environmental Conservation will also be carrying out a full environmental impact assessment on crypto mining operations, and how they affect New York's ability to meet its climate goals.


On Saturday, a law encouraging NY schools to install silent panic alarms was passed by the New York Assembly. The law, called “Alyssa’s Law” is named after a victim of the 2018 Parkland shooting. Similar measures have been adopted in both Florida and New Jersey. According to the New York Post, the law requires school districts to conduct comprehensive reviews of their existing safety measures, and to consider installing silent panic alarms that immediately notify law enforcement in a crisis.

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