WRFI – Meeting Minutes – June 2022

WRFI Board Meeting 

June 14, 2022: 6-8pm 



Felix Teitelbaum
John Young
Bryan Roberts
Godfrey Simmons (first half)
Joe Romano (joined at 6:13pm)
Robin Elliott
Carlos Gutierrez


Not Present:

Chantal Thomas
Alex Ackert Smith
Joseph Haefeli



6:10 Introduction of Peter Bakija and Fred Balfour as new potential board members

6:10 Motion to pass minutes from May 

  • Joe motioned to approve minutes from May, John seconded, 3 approved, 2 abstained.
    • Motion passed.

6:10-20 Committee report outs (governance, development, community engagement, personnel, finance)

  • Development - setting up series of get-togethers with consistent donors
    • Invitation from John for others to join, email Corinne
  • Community Engagement - canceling tomorrow’s meeting
  • Corinne to send committee sign-up form

6:30 Financial report (John)

  • No major updates from John
  • Awarded grant from Legacy Foundation, unsure of amount

6:35 Lease with Travis Hyde for Clinton House

  • 5-year lease, 2.5% annual escalation (same as before)
  • John motioned to approve lease with terms expressed. Bryan seconded. All in favor.
    • Motion passed.

6:40 Discussion of Corinne’s replacement (executive administrator role)

  • Robin motioned to give personnel power to decide on job description, hours, etc. for EA role, Joe seconded. All in favor.
    • Motion passed.

6:45 Executive session on new potential board members

7:35 Discussion of new schedule framing

7:37 Update on pros and cons of Rotary Club / Chamber of Commerce Memberships

  • Interest in joining Chamber of Commerce

7:10-7:30 Discussion on raises + employee benefits, as well as EA position (motion on EAP benefit and Corinne replacement planning)

7:40-8:00 Other business