Headlines for September 14, 2022

New York and Tompkins County health departments are tracking a continued high rate of opioid overdoses in the area. The Ithaca Voice is reporting that the number of overdoses in Tompkins County is typical of the state and lower than several surrounding counties. But, as of June, there have been 12 drug related deaths in Tompkins County. This puts the County on track for a rate roughly the same as last year, the highest on record. There were 25 drug deaths in 2021. 

Highly addictive Fentanyl is connected to many overdose deaths and found in street drugs including cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, black market pills, and MDMA. The health department is advising people to protect themselves and loved ones by not using drugs alone and carrying narcan fentanyl test strips.

US News and World Reports has ranked Cornell as the top university in New York. The Cornell Sun says the rise in rank is linked to Columbia University’s rating which tanked this year amid suspicion that it had manipulated data. Columbia fell to 18th in the state. Cornell remains ranked 17th best university in the county.

Watkins Glen Village Trustee Laurie Denardo has announced her candidacy for Mayor. DeNardo is a Director of Human Resources at Cornell and has been a Watkins trustee for more than seven years. Deputy Mayor Louis Perazzini has acted as mayor since Luke Leszyk stepped down amin allegations of sexual harassment and abuse of power. According to WCNY, Denardo has prioritized open, transparent, ethical leadership if elected.

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